About me

Who I am?

I am a certified personal trainer, sport psychologist and nutrition specialist. I have been training clients for the last 10 years and during that time I have always stood the idea that a health is not only physical fitness, but it also refers to a person’s mental state as well.

Before starting to work with every single client I always try to get to know him/her better in order I could choose the best workout and diet plan that makes them feel physically and emotionally lighter. I believe that regular exercises and healthy eating can help not only become physically fit, but also relax your own mind and eliminate stress.

Without workout and diet programs I can also offer a wide range of vitamins, minerals and supplements. Properly selected vitamins and supplements can improve overall health, be useful for filling in gaps in your diet or help improve performance in sport.

My experience

I graduated from Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences and have a bachelor’s degree in Sports. I am a professional sports coach. Additional specialization – a certified fitness trainer.

Every year I improve my professional qualifications and expand my knowledge by attending different conferences such as FIBO Global Fitness (it is an expo for sports, nutrition and healthy lifestyle) or FIWE Fitness Trade Show, participating in various sports & fitness seminars, attending lectures.

Before that I worked in a small gym. I am gaining knowledge from the best sports physicians, physiotherapists, osteopaths and sports psychologists. The desire to move forward led me to around the world and now I am working as a international personal trainer and a specialist of a healthy lifestyle with clients all around Europe (Monaco, Germany, United Kingdom, Norway, etc.). I am traveling all around the world helping my clients to reach their goals.

I also organize seminars and workshops about healthy lifestyle for companies and people who are interested in; work as a judge in marathons and organize sports camps in Lithuania and other EU countries.

Why me:

– I will help you not only to become physically fit, but also to improve your psychological well-being.

– By evaluating your daily routine, physical fitness and eating habits I will make the best personalized workout and healthy eating plan for you and I will be accompanying you on the journey of becoming a better version of yourself.

– Client ‘s loyalty is very important to me, so I fully guarantee the privacy of your personal life.

– I have all the knowledge that will help your body be a better version. Let me take care of you.