Personal trainer Gytis Beikus


About me

Who I Am?

Welcome! I am an international personal trainer. If you are looking for a healthy lifestyle, longevity, anti-aging, and mobility I can help you. I’m Gytis Beikus, your dedicated partner on the journey to holistic health. With a decade of experience as a certified personal trainer, sport psychologist, and nutrition specialist, I bring a unique perspective to fitness that transcends physical training.

My Philosophy

Health is a harmonious balance of mind and body—a philosophy I live by and encourage in my clients. Before designing a personalized fitness plan, I take the time to understand your goals, lifestyle, and emotional well-being. This holistic approach ensures that the workout and diet strategies I develop not only enhance your physical fitness but also nurture your mental health, making you feel rejuvenated and stress-free.

What I Offer

Beyond traditional training programs, I specialize in creating tailored nutrition plans that complement your fitness regimen. Understanding that each body is unique, I focus on diets that boost your energy and mood. Additionally, I offer a comprehensive range of vitamins, minerals, and supplements. Each product is carefully selected to support your overall health, fill dietary gaps, or enhance athletic performance.

Embrace a healthier, more balanced life with Gytis Beikus. Let’s make your wellness journey both fulfilling and transformative!

Personal Training

In-Person Training (Location-Based)

Tailored one-on-one sessions at the gym, designed to meet your unique fitness goals. Benefit from real-time feedback, hands-on guidance, and motivational support to enhance your physical conditioning. Recovery from injuries.

Online Personal Training

Flexible and convenient, our online training sessions are conducted via live video calls, allowing you to train anywhere. This option includes personalized workout plans, regular check-ins, and adjustments to your program based on your progress.

Workout Programs and Diet Plans

Custom Workout Programs

Receive a personalized workout plan that fits into your lifestyle and targets your specific fitness goals. Whether you’re at home or in the gym, our plans are designed to be effective and adaptable to your needs.

Tailored Nutrition Guidance

Elevate your health with a diet plan crafted to complement your training regimen. From meal plans to nutritional advice, discover how balanced eating can improve your performance and well-being.

B2B Services

Personal trainer in the office

Personal trainer in your office. Enhance the health and productivity of your team with our corporate wellness solutions. We offer workshops, group fitness sessions, and tailored wellness plans that fit your company’s needs. 

Sport Workcations

A Sport Workcation is an innovative way to blend work and play, offering employees a chance to recharge, bond, and enhance their productivity in a fun and engaging environment. By integrating sports into the work retreat, companies can promote a healthier, more motivated, and cohesive team ready to tackle new challenges.

Additional Services

Supplements and Nutritional Products

Optimize your health regimen with our range of selected supplements, vitamins, and minerals. Each product is chosen to support different aspects of wellness, from boosting energy levels to enhancing recovery.

Health and Wellness Workshops

Join our workshops to learn more about topics ranging from stress management and mental health to advanced nutritional strategies. These sessions are designed to empower you with knowledge to take control of your health.


„Before working with Gytis Beikus, I found it hard to stick to any fitness routine. My job is stressful and I often felt too tired to work out. Beikus changed all that. They created a customized plan that fit my hectic schedule and focused on exercises that I actually enjoy. Within a few months, I noticed a significant improvement in my energy levels and my ability to manage stress. I’ve lost 15 pounds and feel stronger than ever. Their encouragement and expertise have been invaluable. I never thought I’d look forward to my workouts, but now I do. I can’t recommend Gytis Beikus enough!”

Marissa J

„After having my second child, I felt overwhelmed and out of shape. I knew I needed professional help to get back on track. Gytis came highly recommended by a friend, and they have exceeded all my expectations. They tailored a workout program that suited my postpartum body and my busy schedule as a mom. Gytis Beikus was supportive and motivating, always ensuring I felt comfortable and confident with each exercise. Six months into our training, I’ve lost 25 pounds, toned my muscles, and regained my confidence. I feel like a stronger, healthier version of myself, thanks to Gytis. They truly understand how to help women achieve their fitness goals.”

Jinga Low