International Healthy Lifestyle trainer Gytis Beikus

Hello my name is Gytis Beikus

Specialization in healthy lifestyle, longevity, anti-aging. I am working around the world if you need my help please don’t be ashamed and contact me.

I can help:

  • to make a healthy lifestyle daily routine;
  • weight management longevity and anti-aging food: to keep weight, lose weight, gain muscle;
  • special workout protocols;
  • stress management with meditations;
  • SleepWellâ„¢ technique.
  • Back and knee strengthening, mobilization, posture and gait improvement.

Working with private clients and companies (B2B)

  • If they needs I can travel around the world and to visit my clients no matter where they are;
  • I can help online;
  • Who live in Vilnius. You can come to my gym. Please contact me for more details.
A healthy lifestyle daily routine

Longevity consists of many things, so let’s start with the first and simplest thing – you need to set a daily rhythm also choose priorities. In order to live a healthy life, you need to know exactly how to plan your day so I can help you. Every person’s daily rhythm is different so I created a test that can be used to determine the personality type and arrange his daily rhythm without stressing the body also maintain discipline. Training takes one week in private or online. No matter where you are, I can come to you.